How June’s Gemini Star Point Will Revolutionize Your Heart Space

grafitti style image of glamorous woman holding a golden star with text: Venus Star Point in Gemini 6/4/24

Powerful initiations are in motion as Venus falls to the underworld.

Venus star points occur roughly every nine months when Venus (benefic bestower of harmony, beauty, and love) lands in the heart of the Sun. In astrological terms, being in the “heart of the Sun” refers to a planet that has arrived at a point of exact zodiacal conjunction (within a range of minutes) with the great ball of light that presides over our corner of the universe. When a planet experiences such an encounter, it is considered cazimi.

Every planet’s cazimi indicates the birth of a new cycle of energies delivered through the flames of the Sun. For Venus, this solar rebirth marks the transition to a new point of the celestial pentagram she traces in her passage through the skies.

With each star point activation, we are invited to explore new qualities of the Venusian experience. Matters of the heartin particular, how we love others and honor ourselves—receive important resets and recalibrations as we travel a new path of the Venus pentagram.

This year, we bid farewell to our Morning Star Venus and the Leo star point path we’ve been walking since August of 2023. On June 4, heart spaces are revolutionized by airy activations as Venus births her cazimi star point at 14°32 of Gemini.

Venus Under the Beams

As planets barrel towards and away from their points of solar merger, they become obscured by the Sun’s rays. Cloaked in light, they are considered to be under the beams and, in closer proximity to the Sun by zodiacal observance, they become combust. Planets in this condition are, in essence, burnt by the Sun’s fire. These are purifications that must be endured to experience solar rebirth.

Venus no longer shines on the horizon as Morning Star, a beacon of light greeting each new day ahead of the Sun. Nor has she yet transformed to Evening Star where she sparkles in the twilight sky.

Venus, busy being consumed by the flames of the Sun, is absent from our skies. She is in the underworld where the darkness demands her attention.

Stripped bare by the edicts of the underworld, our invisible Venus metamorphosizes within the chthonic realm. And we, her earth-bound subjects, each receive star point seeds for our own heart-worlds, treasures claimed from the journey to the hidden depths.

The Invitations of the Gemini Star Point

So what, exactly (you may be wondering), does this Venusian metamorphosis involve?

How does this Gemini-infused-heart-space-reworking happen?

Here, right in the middle of her passage through the underworld, as Venus reaches a special moment of union with the rays that consume her, there is a potent point activation where, in the depths of our unconscious, we may feel the pinpricks of change within.

Venusian rebirths involve Venusian themes. In other words, relationships to beauty, harmony, interpersonal connection, and pleasurable experience all get called up for consideration with each star point activation. Now, the significance of each star point seeding varies from one person to another. If you are a Gemini Venus by birth or are a natal Gemini Venus star point, this summer’s rebirthing will carry particularly meaningful initiations. You can easily find your Venus star point here, on this wonderful table created by star point expert Arielle Guttman.

(Gemini star points, by the way, occur every four years. Think back to June of 2020, 2016, 2012, 2008, and 2004, and consider important personal transitions that may have been initiated at these times.)

In Gemini, we can expect changes delivered through a shift in perspective. Gemini star points are filled with ideas and possibilities and threaded with themes of variability and adaptability. Expect swift-footed occurrences, new information, and possible changes in direction.

Mercury rules over the Gemini star point, from the sign of Gemini, and forms a conjunction with Jupiter on the day of the Venus star point. These are big infusions of energy—new cyclic beginnings between multiple planets.

With Venus in Gemini, the dance between the nervous system and the untapped spaces of the heart is of utmost importance. Brainwaves are currently supercharged as the Gemini-mind permeates its (many!) planetary pilgrims. And, as our bodily networks receive cazimi-birthed downloads, heart-mind pathways are sown with new possibilities.

Self-love, which is foundational to the more external experiences of the heart, is core to every Venus story. It is often in these dark Venus times we are guided in exploring our relationship to personal value and pulled into the work of reclaiming previously relinquished heart-pieces. Pain and disappointment can drive away our receptivity to life’s sweetest possibilities and, in turn, cause our connection to Venus to turn cold. In the darkness of the underworld, aspects of self-abandonment often become visible as the necessity to truly know oneself becomes essential.

Venusian Rebirth

Venus reappears, rebirthed in Evening Star form, later in summer. With her shimmering reemergence, excavations from under the beams are brought into the light, and new life is breathed into the path opened by the Gemini star point.

Ultimately, through all of this, we are learning how to better see ourselves as the beautiful beings we are! With bold Venusian work comes the gift of deeper self-love—and greater success in attracting and receiving our heart’s desires.

So, be sure to keep your channels open to receive. It is important to allow the energies to move as Gemini alights the brain and nervous system with possibilities for personal rebirth. Enjoy the brightness of the mind. And, speak with intention. Little things said or unsaid matter.

The Venus-Moon gates mark Venus’ passage forward following her emergence from the great below. These beautiful meetings will be visible again in a couple of months when Venus reappears in the evening sky. See if you can catch the first one, on August 5th, as Venus climbs out of the underworld and into the arms of a Virgo Moon. As the year continues, our star goddess will continue to spiral forward, bringing new life to the layers of heart truth accessed on her summer journey through the depths.

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