Astrology Forecast for July 1 – 7

The Sun is tangled up in a square with the Nodes on Monday and Tuesday, lighting up Nodal navigations of the Aries-Libra polarity. Wobbling within the dance of self and other, the Cancer Sun highlights another piece of the puzzle—how the past supports or limits us as we take steps to bring ourselves into balance.

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New Moon at 14°23 ♋️ – July 5, 2024, 6:57pm ET

July’s New Moon lands the day after the 4th of July at 14°23 Cancer. Luna rules her own lunation here in Cancer’s warm waters. This New Moon invites us to consider how we channel our creative energies and what we choose to nurture.

We find both introspection and the call to intentionally initiate new processes at the forefront of July’s New Moon energies. With July’s New Moon, feelings and emotions lead the call to initiate new processes. There’s a good deal of introspection (and retrospection) with this New Moon, yet within this process we discover a place that begins our movement forward.

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 Full Moon at 29°09 ♑︎ – Jun 21, 2024, 6:17am ET

July’s Full Moon at 29°09 Capricorn brings Blue Moon power to lunar crescendos. Blue Moons are identified in several ways, including when two consecutive Full Moons occur the same sign.

This second Capricorn Full Moon charges up the already charged-up 29th degree of this earth sign. Structural realities come into the light, potentially in a stressful ways. With the Moon moving immediately into Aquarius and forming conjunction to Pluto, there is a great deal of intensity delivered through the peak experiences of this Full Moon.

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